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Are you looking for a lawyer that cares, and we mean, really cares? 

Are you looking for a lawyer with the confidence and experience to do what is awesome for you and your family? 

Are you looking for a lawyer who is not only going to represent your needs like an unapologetic superhero, but who also knows that you want to get on with your life.

At Hemminger Law Group we are lawyers who really get it! 

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"I had no idea that the law and the way you and your office practice could make life so much more healthy and more peaceful."

"I have been thinking about how you have listened to where I have come from and where I want to go . . you are compassionate and understanding." 

"Thank you for the part you have played in helping us grow stronger."

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If you are looking for a lawyer in Victoria, British Columbia, you will see at Hemminger Law Group that we stand apart.

When you come to see us, you will certainly notice that we are not your ordinary law firm. What do you we mean by this? Well, it means lots of things. It means that the lawyers at Hemminger Law Group practice law with our hearts. We care deeply about our clients. We want to assist our clients not only with their legal problems, but work with them to assist them in making their lives better.

We work with our clients to approach their legal matter in the context of them trying to live the best life possible, not only in the future, but now as you move through the legal process. We are partners with you in your success, not only with respect to your legal matter, but with respect to the next steps in your life's journey. 

The lawyers at Hemminger Law Group are experienced not only in bringing your matter to resolution by using dispute mechanisms such as mediation, we are also experienced litigators in the courtroom.

We have highly trained staff that work hard hand in hand with your lawyer to see your matter resolved efficiently and effectively. 

We, as your lawyers, are driven to do the right thing and that includes seeing you, as the client, as a whole person. As a whole person, we get that your legal matter is but one (albeit maybe an important one) aspect of your life that needs your time and and attention. We are your partners in that journey.

Sometimes being not your ordinary law firm means that we ask our clients to work with us to not only work out their legal problem, but also to look at themselves and what they can do to make the lives for themselves and those they care about better.

And even it may seem totally weird (and believe us, it is weird at first), we encourage our friends and clients to practice the forgiveness meditation of Ho'oponopono. Like we said, we are not your ordinary law firm.

Seriously, because we think it is so darn important, ask us about doing your will for only $500.

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