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We are not your ordinary law firm:

When you come to see us, you will certainly notice that we are not your ordinary law firm. What do you we mean by this? Well, it means lots of things. It means that the lawyers at Hemminger Law Group practice law with our hearts. We care deeply about our clients. We want to assist our clients not only with their legal problems, but work with them to assist them in making their lives better.

We are driven to do the right thing.

Sometimes being not your ordinary law firm means that we ask our clients to work with us to not only work out their legal problem, but also to look at themselves and what they can do to make the lives for those they care about better.

And even it may seem totally weird (and believe us, it is weird at first), we encourage our friends and clients to practice the forgiveness meditation of Ho'oponopono. Like we said, we are not your ordinary law firm.

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If you have been injured, talk to us about your options. We do not get paid until you get paid!

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