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Are you looking for a lawyer in Victoria, BC that cares, and we mean, really cares?

Whether you need a lawyer to powerfully represent your matter in court, or you are hoping to reach a negotiated settlement. You will be in great hands with Hemminger Law Group.

Take a Peek Below to See What Our Clients Have Said About Us:

"I had no idea that the law and the way you and your office practice could make life so much more healthy and more peaceful."

"I have been thinking about how you have listened to where I have come from and where I want to go . . you are compassionate and understanding." 

"I want to thank you for your time sharing duty counsel with me, some months back. I finally followed up on your reference in our session to the Ho'oponopono meditation. As a practitioner and teacher of kundalini yoga I am well versed in the power and potential of meditation, mantra, and prayer. But still, I find it remarkable that your firm is willing to stand by this, given our society's general secular disbelief in all such things. For this I commend you all."

"Thank you for the part you have played in helping us grow stronger."

At Hemminger Law Group, We Help People In the Following Areas of Law: 

ICBC Claims and Other Personal Injury LawSuits

Pursuing our clients' rights in all personal injury cases including ICBC Claims, slip and fall cases, and other injury matters.

Family Law And Divorce Matters

Whether you need your lawyer to represent your case in the courtroom or to assist with a negotiated settlement. At Hemminger Law Group, we can help. It is what we do.

Wills, and Other Estate Planning Needs

For making sure everything is in order when we die. For making sure everything is in order if we face a future decline in our health or mental capacity.

If you are looking for a lawyer in Victoria, British Columbia, you will see at Hemminger Law Group that we stand apart. It is because we are not Your Ordinary Law Firm.

We also have highly trained staff that work hard hand in hand with your lawyer to see your matter resolved efficiently and effectively. 

We call ourselves "Not Your Ordinary Law Firm" because there is nothing ordinary about us. We deeply care about our clients and their success. We want you to succeed not only with respect to your legal problem, but in your life.

Seriously, we are good at this stuff.

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