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Written by Val Hemminger, Lawyer and Mediator

For all of your BC Family Law matters we can assist. 

If you need someone to powerfully represent you in the courtroom we can assist at Hemminger Law Group. If you are hoping to reach a negotiated solution to your problem, our lawyers and mediators are there to help. 

At the Hemminger Law Group we can assist you with the following legal areas and topics relating to:

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Get Advice About How BC Family Law Applies to You and Your Family:

Victoria Divorce Lawyer 

When you need a Victoria Divorce lawyer.

Family and Domestic Violence

What happens when there are false allegations.

Co-parenting after divorce and the Bill of Rights of Children

An awesome guide to getting it right.

Relocating With Your Children - Mobility

When you want to relocate with your children.

Divorce and Counselling:  At Hemminger Law Group, We Think it is a Great Idea to Get Help from a Qualified Counsellor

Karen Loucks is the owner and operator of Ravensong Counselling. She is a former client of Hemminger Law Group and is utilizing not only her skills but her experience to assist others who are going through the divorce or separation process. 

Breach of Promise to Marry

Seriously, does this still exist as a legal action?

Define Mediation

What is mediation and when is it a great idea?

Putting Kids First In Your Family Law Matter

At Hemminger Law Group Putting Kids First is what we do.

Separation Agreements

The Top Biggest 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Pay as you go plan

Making your Victoria lawyer affordable.

Parenting Plan

See us if you need help working out the time you are going to be parenting your kids.

Your legal proceeding and taking the first step

When you start your legal proceeding, the Judicial Case Conference can be a cost effective first step.

Best Divorce Lawyers

What are the qualities of the best divorce lawyers?

What is Family Law

Family law deals with matters of child support, spousal support, asset division of spouses, and parenting plans. Click here to learn more.

Joint Assets

When people live together their assets will become joint regardless of their intention. 

Spousal Support

Learn more about whether or not you have to pay or whether or not you are entitled to spousal support.

Parent Coordination

Making decisions for your kids - without having to go to court each and every time.

Special or Extraordinary Expenses

See how these expenses are calculated in child support matters.

Dog Custody

Who gets the dog?

Good Parenting Skills

One of the best things a separating parent can do for their kids is keep their kids out of the conflict.

More debt than assets.

What do you do in this case?

Support Payments and the Self-Employed

What makes it different when someone is self-employed.

Parenting Mistakes

Remember not to build a toxic environment around your child by talking about your family law matter around them.

Parenting Stress

How to avoid it.

What is the Best Family Law Advice About Court?

Do I go to court or not? 

Divorce and Hidden Assets

What do you do if you think your spouse has hidden assets from you?

The Effects of Conflict on Kids

Learn about its profound impact.

What is the Definition of a Spouse?

When is a roommate simply just a roommate and when does the line get crossed so that someone is your spouse?

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Phone us now at 250-220-8686 or use our contact us form.

Your initial half-hour consultation with one of our lawyers is of no obligation.

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