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Fort McMurry, Alberta or “Fort Mac” is best known for its association with the oil sands industry, or “oil patch” as many call it. It is the top employer in the region with many available jobs in the oil sands and supporting industries. 

Despite the obvious challenges of working outside of town, the good income and good job prospects are tempting for many people who normally reside in Victoria despite the distance. 

Putting it simply, a lot of folks are heading to Fort McMurry for work. A lot of the time, Victoria residents do not move their permanent residence from Victoria but instead decide to commute to Fort Mac by spending a couple of weeks at camp and then returning to Victoria for a week. Sometimes the rotation is 20 days at camp and 10 days in Victoria. If you are a parent, this can offer some pretty significant challenges in terms of your parenting plan. Because of your unique employment situation, you will have to work with your child’s other parent (or turn to the courts for help) in order to figure it all out. 

Many parents who work in Fort Mac not only want to be able to not only support their kids financially (which is often why they are chasing down work in Fort McMurry in the first place), they also want to parent them, that is spend time with them, and make decisions that are in their best interest (even when they are not with their kids on a day to day basis they still want to have a valuable parenting role). 

Parenting arrangements for parents who work in Fort McMurry often have to be creative. 

For example, a shared and equal parenting schedule does not make sense if your rotation is such that you work out of town for 20 days and then return for 10 days and so on. 

At Hemminger Schmid we have thought about how we can serve clients in Fort Mac despite them not living full-time in Victoria. You can meet with your Hemminger Schmid lawyer using Skype or a Google Hangout. Not sure how to do that? Our staff can help you get set up. 

Also, as you may know, working with your lawyer may include you working together in order to draft legal materials such as a Notice of Family Claim or your Affidavit. When doing so, you can work directly on the document while talking to your lawyer using Google Docs. If you are not sure how to do that, please take a look at our Youtube video for some initial instructions

In a cost savings and efficient way, we make access to your legal team workable. It is what we do.

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