The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia:  Does Not Want You To Hire a Lawyer!

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia ("ICBC") established in 1973, provides universal auto insurance to British Columbia motorists. It is also responsible for driver licensing, vehicle licensing and vehicle registration. If you are a driver in BC, you will be an ICBC customer.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is also the company that will have to write you a cheque if you have an ICBC claim.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Does Not Want You To Hire a Lawyer:

As personal injury lawyers, this is something we know. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia does not want you to hire a lawyer for your car accident case. Why? Well, because, in the end, it costs them, as insurers, more money. If you take a quick look at their ICBC claims page, their interest in making sure you do not call us becomes evidently clear. 

It is easy to see that ICBC puts a lot of effort into insuring (get it? Sorry we could not resist), that you do not call a lawyer. 

The ICBC claims landing page is friendly. It is upbeat. People look happy. It tells you, the injured party, in no uncertain terms, to call them first. It suggests that dealing with them will be fair. 

The ICBC claims page does not tell you that ICBC are in a direct conflict with you, the injured party. They say they will help people make an informed decision. At the same time, despite saying they will help you make an "informed decision" they do not inform the reader that they are in a conflict of interest. It is ICBC who will be writing the cheques to you for compensation. For that very reason alone, there is a built-in conflict of interest. Their claims page does nothing to inform about this conflict of interest.

As personal injury lawyers, we are not allowed to tell our prospective clients that if they hire a lawyer they will get more money for their claim than if they do not. Making such promises would also not be ethical. We have, however, seen many cases where our clients get more money (even after they pay us, their lawyers our percentage of the claim) compared to ICBC's original offer. 

The thing is, your lawyer does not get paid unless they win.

Even if, for some reason, you do not hire our firm, Hemminger Law Group Law Corporation, do hire another experienced and well-recommended ICBC lawyer to assist with your claim. It is a good idea. 

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