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Want to save on legal fees? Think about accessing your lawyers by Skype.

Well, it's official. Hemminger Law Group Lawyers are now available by Skype!

Also ask us about our pay as you go legal services.

We think our services are worth sharing and there is no reason that you have to live in Victoria, BC to benefit from having one of our family, personal injury, or elder law lawyers represent you. 

Even if you do live in Victoria, BC, you may have found that just finding the time to meet with your lawyer can be a costly hassle when you account for mileage, parking and taking time off of work. 

Lawyers By Skype:  Technology That Is So Useful

Wondering if this is legitimate? Even the courts are starting to use Skype and other video conferencing technologies in an attempt to curtail rising costs and streamline a bogged-down legal court system. Access Pro Bono has also embraced the lawyers by Skype approach and we think it is clearly the way of the future. 

Does this mean that you would always have to meet with your lawyer by Skype? Absolutely not. We will continue to enjoy greeting and serving you in person in our beautiful Victoria, BC office whenever it is convenient for you. Just mix and match! 

When are good times to meet with your lawyer by Skype? When you are:

  • Living out of town such as if you work in Fort McMurry.
  • Reviewing or writing documents, evidence and court papers together.
  • Touching base on your matter.
  • Getting clarification from your lawyer about your file.

When are better times to meet with your lawyer in person? When:

  • You live in Victoria and it is convenient to come to our office.
  • You are reviewing complicated records and doing so in person is more efficient.
  • You have a court appearance or mediation, because your personal appearance is usually required.
  • Your signature needs to be witnessed by your lawyer.
  • You want to come and enjoy our fantastic, water-view office and the best staff and coffee in town.
  •  Meeting in person is your preference. We get it!

Either way, let us make your life easier. At Hemminger Law Group that is what we do.


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Written by Shona Boisvert, Director of Marketing

Call us today to ask about our convenient lawyer by Skype sessions 250-220-8686 or contact us by email.

Phone us now at 250-220-8686 or use our contact us form.

Your initial half-hour consultation with one of our lawyers is of no obligation.

When you provide us with your personal information you can be assured it will not be shared with a third party and will be used only by HEMMINGER LAW GROUP  for the purpose of corresponding with our clients.

At Hemminger Law Group we commit to providing you with the highest quality legal information on this website. However, nothing on this website should be construed as actual legal advice. Every case is different and it is important that you consult a lawyer before making any decisions with respect to a legal matter.

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