The top 10 reasons lawyers hate their job. And why you should work with us instead.

March 28, 2014 update: Position filled! 

  1. You forgot what your family looks like and even your dog doesn't recognize you any more. We rarely work past 5:30 and even more rarely on weekends. Office time is working time. Evenings and weekends are for creating your life. Work hard. Live life.
  2. Crushing billing expectations. Our extremely reasonable billing targets are set with the goal of making you money and leaving breathing room for a meaningful life outside of the office. See above.
  3. Stuffy offices, and co-workers whom you avoid at all costs after 5:30. Oh. Never mind. You're still at work. (HA!) Not us! We are all basically the most fun humans you'll work with. Ever. We laugh. We hug. We socialize. We know one-another's families. We all have super interesting passions outside of law.
  4. Associates get all the dog files while partners feast on the golden eggs. We want you happy at work! Files are distributed equally and we check in every week to make sure that you are happy with your workload. We know that one lawyer's dog file may be another's "no problem."
  5. You don't get a chance to make personal connections with your clientsWe recently passed on a file to another firm. After briefing the new lawyer, they remarked with surprise, "Wow. [pause] It sounds like you actually care about this person." Well, yeah. We actually do.
  6. Mandatory sports teams. Nope.
  7. Unsympathetic bosses who just expect you to put your head down, do your job, and leave your personality and personal life at home. Actually, we expect you to fly your freak flag here. It's part of the job requirement.
  8. Hierarchical swaggering. You know...partner scowls at associate, who barks at paralegal, who finger wags at front desk assistant, who cries in bathroom, and then snaps at client. As IF! You will never, ever find this at Hemminger Schmid. Sure, there is the official boss lady, Val. However, we operate on the principle that every person who comes through the door, from lawyers to staff to vendors to clients, brings an invaluable and unique contribution to the firm. We owe our entire success to each one of those individuals. People walk into our office and are amazed by the friendly, supportive, non-judgemental service we give them.
  9. Feeling like you work all alone and that if you ask for help, you will be ridiculed. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Plus, we work collaboratively on files so that clients get multiple brain power for optimal results. 
  10. Office parties where spouses, children, and the family dog aren't welcome. Weird. Just weird.

So, do you think you have what it takes to join the Hemminger Schmid family?

Brains. Humour. Determination. Creativity. 

Apply now. Send your cover letter and resume to the attention of Val Hemminger, via our superstar legal assistant, Josh Neetz: josh(at)lawyersandmediators(dot)ca

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