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Alison Eustace

Do you need help with your civil law suit?

What about your family matter?

Alison can help.

How would you define the term “civil law suit”?

A civil law suit occurs when a person who feels they have been wronged in some way brings a case for money (we call this damages) against the person who harmed them. The harm that has occurred is in the way of physical or emotional damages.

In most jurisdictions the person who starts the civil law suit is called the Plaintiff and the person who defends the civil law suit is … you guessed it … the Defendant.

Some kinds of civil law suits are personal injury matters, property disputes, contract disputes, and matters where a person or company is considered negligent.

What is a family matter?

A few examples of a family matter are working out parenting arrangements, property division, divorce, separation agreements, marriage agreements (pre-nup), and co-habitation agreements. 

More About Alison:

Alison is one of the lawyers practicing at Hemminger Law Group and she is experienced and interested in working with family law matters, civil law suits and drafting wills.

Alison was born Edmonton, Alberta and grew up in Sussex, New Brunswick.

Alison graduated from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton with a Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies in 2006.

Alison went to law school at the University of Ottawa and graduated in 2010. 

Alison was called to the bar of the Law Society of New Brunswick in 2011.

Alison relocated to Victoria, British Columbia in 2012 and has practiced here since.

Alison believes in building strong relationships and she loves to spend time with family and friends.

Some Questions We Asked Alison In Order to Get To Know Her Better:

What do you love most about living in Victoria?

The people and the beautiful scenery.

What are your top three favourite places to be and what makes them your favourite?

A beach, skil hill or anywhere that I am spending time with family or friends.

Outside of the practice of law, what is your passion?

I really enjoy seeing new places, or revisiting old favourites. Going somewhere different, whether to visit or to live, opens up the world to me. And, of course, the people that you are with or that you meet along the way make it all the more fun.

What do you like most about working with your clients?

I enjoy meeting my clients and listening to their stories, and I like the challenge of helping them resolve their legal issues in a way that leaves them satisfied and cared for.

In what areas of law do you practice?

I work with people who are dealing with a family matter, defending or commencing a civil law suit, or personal injury matter.  I can also assist with wills, representation agreements or power of attorney documents. 

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