Bicycle Accident Claim:
What Came After the Invention of the Bicycle

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A cyclist who is involved in a crash may be entitled to the same compensation that people injured in a car accident are eligible for.

But first, let’s learn a bit more about the bicycle.

Bicycles:  A Brief and Dandy History

Bicycles, vehicles with two wheels, used as vehicles for human transport, and that require balancing by the rider to be operated date back to the 19th century. 

Although some people think the whole bicycle idea was conceptualized as early as the very end of the 1400s, most historians do not believe this to be true. 

The first known archetype of the bicycle was in Germany. The first time an actual bicycle was used in a practical sense (that can be verified) is attributed to a German civil servant at around 1816. At that time it was commonly called a velocipede. Other times it was nicknamed hobby-horse or dandy horse. The term dandy horse was basically an insult and was used to mock or make fun of the men who rode the machine at that time, a “dandy” being a man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance. 

Some people attribute the original rise of the bicycle was due to a crop failure that occurred in 1816 and thus the inability to feed horses at the time. 

The first bicycle was to have weighed 48 pounds and was made entirely of wood. It was not pedaled, but propelled by the use of the rider’s feet (thus wearing out shoes pretty quickly). 

Although it enjoyed some initial popularity in France, Germany and North America, the first bicycle’s initial popularity faded when some city authorities began to prohibit its use (due to increasing numbers of accidents). Ultimately in England, in 1819 riders on sidewalks were fined two pounds, thus resulting in its immediate decline in use. 

In the 1860s a French metalworker added rotary cranks and pedals to the front-wheel hub, to create the first pedal-operated "bicycle" as we today understand the word. 

And here we are. 

So, With the Bicycle, Comes the Bicycle Accident Claim of Course:

Bicycle accident claims are a relatively common occurrence in Victoria. This is because we are a city where there are many cyclists. Because of our relatively mild weather, there are many cyclists who commute to and from work (by using the Galloping Goose Trail, for example) and school, while many others cycle just for fun and fitness. 

The thing is that no matter how careful we are, sometimes cyclists are simply just not seen by an oncoming vehicle and get hit. Although most drivers in Victoria are used to being careful to look out for cyclists, there are some times where the cyclist and other motor vehicle collide. Other times a cyclist may hit an unsuspected pothole in the road and wipe out. 

As with other kinds of accident claims, if you are injured in a bicycle accident, you may be able to claim damages for pain and suffering, income replacement, medical care, and other out of pocket expenses. 

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