The Civil Procedure Rules: Navigating a Complicated World

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The civil procedure rules are the rules that govern how a court system functions. They govern virtually everything: the correct processes for drafting your law suit, the timing for exchanging documents, the form of all documents, the responsibilities of each of the parties to litigation, even how a trial is conducted. 

These rules vary from province to province and even vary from one level of court to another – which can make navigating the legal system a frustrating experience for the layperson. 

These are the rules that govern how legal cases proceed through the courts. Originally, they were designed to improve access to justice by making the process in law suits consistent and more stream-lined. They are there to assist parties (whether represented by lawyers or not) to understand and anticipate what steps are taken in a legal proceeding. Of course like anything, the rules (as they are in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, for example), are often unwieldy in terms of their sheer volume.

Use a Hemminger Law Group Lawyer as your Civil Procedure Rules consultant: 

If you’re struggling with British Columbia’s Civil Procedure Rules, Hemminger Law Group can work with you: providing you with assistance navigating civil procedure, advising you on your legal position, or just helping you with proper document filing. 

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, a person may not want to hire a lawyer as their “lawyer” in a law suit, but will instead want to utilize a lawyer’s knowledge, skill, and experience to assist them with differing parts of their case. In essence, they will use a lawyer as a consultant for their legal case.

This can be a cost-effective way of proceeding with litigation when resources are limited. For example, you might want to hire us to assist you with one of the following aspects of your legal proceeding: 

  • Drafting a demand letter;
  • Attending a dispute resolution meeting or mediation;
  • Drafting required lists of documents;
  • Attending examinations for trial;
  • Preparing “will say” statements for witnesses;
  • Assisting with drafting and giving advice about Affidavit material; or
  • Preparing for the various steps in trial.

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By Val Hemminger, Lawyer

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