Estate Planning Advice
What is it Exactly?

What Is Estate Planning Advice?

Estate planning advice, relates to the advice associated with estate planning. Wikipedia defines estate planning as: the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposal of your assets during your life. It typically attempts to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of someone's assets by reducing taxes and other expenses. Additionally, guardians are often designated for minor children and beneficiaries in incapacity.

Putting it more simply, it is the overall plan as to how someone’s assets get distributed after they die. This is now governed by the Wills, Estates, and Succession Act in British Columbia.

Take a look at the information below:

Representation Agreements

Why they are so important not only for ourselves but for those we love.

Doing a Will 

Doing a will is really important. It is important for your loved ones and for your piece of mind.

Dying Intestate

This is what happens to your property when you die without a will.

Estate Litigation

Someone close to you dies and then you get left out of the will. What you can do about it.

The Intestate Estate

What happens to your assets if you never get around to drafting a will. It is not what you might expect.

Power of attorney

Having someone you trust organize and deal with your affairs when you might not be able to.

The testamentary trust

For piece of mind in the long run.

Elder mediation

For everyone's participation because of everyone's concern and love.

Estate planning checklist

Ticking off all the boxes to make sure all is in order.

Effectively Organizing Your Affairs:

When you have a lawyer help you with effective organization of your estate, you will reach the following goals:

  • You will minimize the tax payable and probate fees (sometimes referred to as inheritance tax) thus protecting your assets from the “tax man.”
  • You will protect your estate from family members who might become upset if they feel you have not left them enough of your estate and instead provided portions of your estate to someone else;
  • You might arrange for the orderly transfer of a family business;
  • You will minimize the overall hassle your loved ones will have to deal with in terms of distributing your assets upon death, dealing with arrangements for your funeral or celebration of life, and disposing of your remains according to your wishes. It can make all of this hassle free, or at least way less of a stressful experience for your grieving family and friends.

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Written by Val Hemminger, Lawyer

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