The ICBC Road Test:
One Student's Perspective

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ICBC Road Test:  One Student's Perspective:

I did the ICBC road test recently. By the time the date for my class 5 ICBC road test came around, I was driving with my “N” (class 7 license) pretty well. I had been driving for a couple of years, I was confident, I knew what to do. I didn’t even ever really think about driving anymore. I had the know-how and I had the practice, the test was just a formality to get my class 5 driving license. 

Before taking your road test, you can learn about taking your written test by visiting the ICBC Website.

But I didn’t pass the first time. In my experience, the hardest part of the ICBC road test was keeping my cool under pressure. The best of the tips that I got for the road test, other than practice! practice! practice!, is practice with someone sitting in the passenger seat. The examiner will instruct you and judge you on something that you do every day. It can be more nerve-wrecking than it sounds. 

Most likely, the experience of your road test will be a bit stressful and at least slightly awkward.  ICBC tries to do all it can reasonably do to help make the test less stressful. That is, other than making the examiners take a course on how to be friendly.

When you check-in for your road test appointment, they provide you with tips and a little questionnaire to read and fill-out while you wait. 

The questionnaire asks you to identify if you have any frequently-asked questions such as “can I have the stereo on?” You can also indicate things like whether you’d like the examiner to converse with you or let you focus on your test. For me, conversation was the way to go. I had the same examiner who failed me the first time, pass me the second time. The big difference the second time around was that we found something in common to talk about and that took my mind off the minute details that had previously made me nervous. 

I would advise all test-takers not to ignore the tips provided for your ICBC road test. They point out the most frequent mistakes that test-takers make, for example not following the speed limit, not identifying school zones, making rolling stops, etc. These may seem like obvious things, but they are the mistakes you are most likely to make. The examiners will be able to identify bad habits because that’s what they are trained to do. Follow all the rules and drive at the speed limit, and be consistent about it. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you book your appointment, you will be given your test time and advised to come fifteen minutes before your test. Sometimes, they will give you the arrival time instead of the test time. It doesn’t hurt to confirm what time you should be at the ICBC location. Keep in mind that you may want to back into the parking area designated for test-takers. You should arrive with enough time to accommodate for this on top of the fifteen minutes they require, and in addition to any traffic and weather conditions that may slow you down while getting there. 

Finally, make sure you look presentable! You may have to take a picture at the end, and you’ll be stuck with it for a while. Good luck!

Written by articled student, Juhi Shukla (as she then was).

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