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Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers:
7 Best Questions to Ask When Hiring One

Motor vehicle accident lawyers are lawyers that you hire to represent you when you have been in a motor vehicle collision.

Like every other kind of professional, all such lawyers are not created equally. When you are a motor vehicle accident lawyer, you want to make sure you hire the best one for your particular case and circumstances.

The best way to get to know the lawyer who you are considering hiring for your case is to ask them questions. If they answer them in a way that make you comfortable and confident in their abilities, that is when you hire them. 

Please see below video of Val Hemminger, lawyer discussing the top 7 questions to ask when interviewing a lawyer for your accident claim.

Question #1:
Does the Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Have Experience with Personal Injury Cases?

You want your personal injury lawyer to have experience with personal injury cases. A personal injury case is different from other types of legal matters. For example, the lawyer has to put the insurer on immediate notice that they are acting as your lawyer. Also, prior to finalizing the case, the lawyer has to obtain information from medical doctors and put together the "story" of your injuries and how they have impacted your life. Being a personal injury lawyer is not about pushing paper; it is about telling your story to the insurance adjustor (or their lawyer) in a way that makes them understand your circumstances. This process can be very different from other areas of law. It is also very useful if your lawyer has experience dealing with insurance adjustors from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

At Hemminger Law Group, we have more than 20 years experience.

Question #2:  Will You, The Client, Be Involved In Settlement Negotiations?

Will you, the client, be involved in the settlement negotiations? As motor vehicle accident lawyers, it is required that we advise you of all settlement offers provided to us from the opposing side. At the same time, we can do better than this. We also want to keep you involved in our drafting of the settlement proposal that goes to the insurer. We want to be sure we tell your "story" in a way that captures your circumstances. Doing this makes your settlement (or award from the court) as good as possible.

When it is time for settlement (or court), Hemminger Law Group clients meet with their Hemminger Law Group lawyer to review their case and give input to the settlement proposal.

Question #3:
Do They Have Dedicated Staff Assisting on Personal Injury Matters?

Do you have staff dedicated assisting on your personal injury practice matters? Law offices are busy places. It is important to having a staff members dedicated to ensuring the continuous movement of the personal injury matters. 

At Hemminger Law Group, at all times, we have not only your specific lawyer assigned to your file, but also a dedicated legal assistant assigned to your matter at all times. 

Question #4:
What is the Fee Arrangement?

What is the fee arrangement? It is important to know what the fee arrangement is between you and your motor vehicle accident lawyer. In your initial consultation, your lawyer should be prepared so that they can present you with a fee agreement for both of you to sign. This way both of you will be clear as to the fee arrangement, and there will be no surprises once your case settles, or you get a court award.

At Hemminger Law Group your lawyer will review our fee agreement with you in our initial meeting. Your lawyer will answer any questions that you may have about it. We have drafted our fee agreement in "plain language" so that clients can read it and fully understand what it says. Our fee agreement is not full of "legalese" so that clients may find it confusing and hard to understand. 

Question #5:
Does the Lawyer Have Time Available to Work On Your Case Right Now?

Do you have time to work on my case right now? Often good lawyers are also busy. You want to make sure they have time available within their practice to take on your case. There is nothing worse than hiring a lawyer and then not hearing from them or their firm for months at a time. 

At Hemminger Law Group, we do not take on clients unless we have the time to dedicate to their matter.

Question #6:
What is the Law Firm's Policy and Process In Terms of Communicating With Clients?

What is the firm's policy and process in terms of communicating with clients? Organized law firms and lawyers are never too busy to communicate with their clients. When hiring your motor vehicle accident lawyer, make sure they have a policy for communicating with you regularly.

At Hemminger Law Group, we give you copies of letters they have written to the insurance company on your behalf. We will have you review and approve your settlement proposal before it goes to the insurance company's lawyers. We want you, the client, to focus on healing your injuries. We focus on your legal claim. At the same time, it is our belief that you should be kept "in the loop" as to what is happening with your claim.

Question #7:
Does the Lawyer or Law Firm Act for Insurance Companies as Part of their Practice?

Does the lawyer or law firm act for insurance companies as part of their motor vehicle accident practice? Some law firms act for not only injured parties in personal injury matters, but also for insurance companies. 

At Hemminger Law Group, we solely act for plaintiffs, that is injured parties. We do not act for insurance companies. In our view, it is important that we remain focused on representing injured clients and not the insurers. 

Written by Val Hemminger, personal injury lawyer 

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