Motorcycle Accident Claims:
When the Motorcyclist Meets the Road

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Motorcycle accident claims occur when you are injured in a collision and that collision includes you and your motorcycle.

This is what we know.  Motorcycles are a very popular form of transportation in Victoria, South Vancouver Island, and the lower mainland of British Columbia. This is because of our relatively mild climate (that is, compared to the rest of Canada) and the fact that motorcycles are a relatively inexpensive form of transportation due to low fuel consumption and the low cost of maintenance. The biggest thing, however, is that riding motorcycles can be ridiculously fun. 

Anyone who rides a motorcycle will tell you about the sense of freedom and pleasure riding provides. 

Yet, as in with many things that are totally awesome, there is a risk associated with motorcycle riding and that is the risk of collision. Although a rider can take a motorcycle safety course, the problem is that many drivers in cars or trucks just do not see motorcycles and their riders. This is particularly the case when it is raining or dark. In other situations, a road that is not well maintained may cause a rider to potentially lose control. 

Avoiding Motorcycle Accident Claims by Riding Defensively:

Although most motorbike riders attempt to avoid getting hit by another vehicle by riding defensively and wearing reflective gear, sometimes this is not good enough. Sometimes despite their best efforts, an oncoming vehicle does not see them. A rider can take a motorcycle course to learn additional safety precautions.

Exacerbating the problem is the fact that when a rider is hit, their injuries can often be very serious due to the fact that they are in a collision and do not have the protection of a motor vehicle as in other forms of vehicle collisions. In essence, their body is exposed more readily to the road, and oncoming vehicle. When this happens the injuries can be serious indeed.

As a lawyer who has worked in personal injury matters for almost 20 years, I recall that the 2 cases where my clients were injured most compared to all of my other clients was as a result of a motorbike collision. In both of these cases, the motorcycle riders were found to have no fault whatsoever. In both cases, the riders were experienced and were driving defensively and despite all of that they were struck anyway and suffered significant injuries.

Why am I telling you this? Because when such collisions happen and it is not your fault, it is important to speak to a lawyer about your case.

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