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How to Prepare For Your First Interview With a Personal Injury Accident Lawyer:

When you first meet with a personal injury accident lawyer, you will want to know if they are the best legal advocate for your case. Here are some things you can ask them:

1. What is their expertise in this area of law? How long have they been practicin in this area? Do they have firm staff dedicated to personal injury matters?

2. Do they work for insurance companies too? Or do they just work with the Plaintiff's side? At Hemminger Law Group we believe it is important to ensure we are on the plaintiff's side. We do not work for insurance companies. Not ever.

3. You will also want to find out if the lawyer you are meeting with is a good fit for you? Are they trying to understand how you feel? Do they seem like they will care for you and what you are going through? If the lawyer you are meeting seems cold and uncaring, do not hire them. There are lots of lawyers out there who are warm and awesome at their job of representing clients.

4. Is the lawyer you are interviewing prepared for the interview? Do they have documents and information they can provide to you? Do they have documents prepared so that you can ask questions about them while you are there?

Come Prepared:  How to Get the Most Out of Your Interview With Your Personal Injury Accident Lawyer:

Although the best personal injury accident lawyers will come prepared to your interview, you can also help the process. We suggest you do the following to get the most out of your initial interview and out of all subsequent meetings with your lawyer:

1. Bring all of your documents and information. If you have receipts for out-of-pocket expenses, bring those. If you have your ICBC claim number already, bring that. If you have the information of the driver who hit you, bring that too. If you are off work because of the collision (or other accident), bring in your most recent pay stubs and any third party insurance information.

2. Write down any questions that you have.

3. Be ready to tell the lawyer everything that happened. Everything you tell your lawyer is confidential. For example, if you have a concern that something happened that will hurt your case, tell your lawyer about it and let them know right away. This way your lawyer can deal with it right away and assess your case. 

Some information you may want to have handy for your interview with your personal injury accident lawyer:

When preparing to interview your potential personal injury accident lawyer, have the following documents and or information ready: 

  • A brief written description as to what happened
  • Your medical number
  • Your claim number (if there is one)
  • The contact information of the claims adjustor if there is one
  • Any particular questions you may have.

Your personal injury accident lawyer’s job is to attempt to get you as much compensation as possible. That is, they are trying to get as much money into your pocket as possible.  The interesting thing is most personal injury accident lawyers are totally motivated to get you as much as possible because they are almost always paid by way of a contingency fee agreement (they get paid more when you get paid more). 

Check out the video above where Val Hemminger, lawyer at Hemminger Law Group, talks about how a personal injury accident lawyer can help you!

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