Remembering Dogger

I write this a year to the day since saying goodbye to my Dogger. Dogger left us just shy of 15 years old. She was with me from the time she was a pup. I continue to love her deeply.

Although life has moved on and we have the joy of a new pup in our lives, also the runt of her litter and a terrier (thank you Inu, for joining our family), Dogger still remains very much a part of my heart. The memory of Dogger’s being remains part of our home.

I can still conjure her. I remember the feeling of her fur. I remember her smell. I can still see into her soul when looking at a photo.

I am continually grateful for having enjoyed my connection with her. For those of you who know me, even a little bit, know of Dogger, and the special role she played in the life of our family, our office, and for me.

A lot has happened in my life and my business in the year since Dogger has passed. There has been profound joy, profound stress, and some very hard lessons. As I sit and think of her today, I am reminded of some of the important lessons Dogger helped me learn:

  • When someone we love really hurts us (for Dogger it was when we got a new puppy), it is important (even if it takes some time) to totally, completely and unreservedly let that anger and hurt go; true forgiveness is the only way; it is a process and a practice to forgive.
  • Unconditional love transcends all in long-term relationships;      
  • If humans could be more like dogs -- in that we could spend more time being in the present and simply enjoying our pack, our lives would be better.
  • Playing and being silly is important.
  • So is cuddling with those we love.

Dogger ended her journey in this life on November 11, 2014, with dignity, in my arms. She still resides in a huge place in my heart.

This article was written by Val Hemminger, lawyer and lover of canines. 

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