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If there was one lesson that you learned as a young person that you would like to pass on to others, what would that be?

That regardless of where you come from, and what your background is, that it is possible to achieve your dreams. Also, that continous learning in life makes it more exciting and rewarding. Finally, that even when experiences in life are extremely paintful, that those experiences are there for us to grow from and to become wiser from.

What is your home town?

As a young child I was raised in Maple Ridge. I then spent my teen years in 100 Mile House.

What do you love most about living in Victoria?

Where do I start? I think the best thing is that I get to feast my eyes upon beauty every day. I like it that 10 minutes by car is a long trip because everything is so close together.

Where are your top 3 favorite places to be and what makes them your favourite?

Frances King Park in Victoria - I call it my Pandora. My back yard, because of view and the singing birds and because it is where I spend time with my family and friends. A ski hill, pretty much any one will do.

Outside of the legal profession , what is your passion?

I am passionate about helping others live better lives. If you look at it explains it. I want people to understand that they are a gift of this universe and that they can live their lives in a way that puts them in an active role in living a beautiful, exciting, rich and rewarding life on their terms.

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