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Paying For Your Victoria Lawyer:

Do you ever wonder how you are going to afford to pay for your Victoria lawyer in order to help you with your legal dispute? Are you worried that if you hire a lawyer it will cost you thousands of dollars and you won’t even know how the money got spent? Are you worried that you will be surprised by your legal bill?

At Hemminger Law Group Law Corporation, we have a solution. We believe in no surprises. Most importantly, we believe in having happy clients. We believe in customer satisfaction.

So many times we have heard clients say that when they have hired lawyers in the past, they do not even know where their legal fees went to. They say they have spent thousands of dollars and they feel like they are no farther ahead.  

Ask us about pay as you go. What happens is that every time you meet with your lawyer, or anything significant is done on your matter, you get an account sent to you setting out what fees were spent and what out-of-pocket expenses (if the firm incurred any) you are being charged for. That way you always know where you stand.

You will have an agreement in advance specifically saying how much you will be charged for time that is spent.

How does it work? You provide us with your visa or master card authorization and each time work is done, we simply send you an account right away and then charge your card. There is no reason to put funds in trust. There is no concern that you will be charged a bunch of money without knowing about it. 

Every step of the way you will know what is happening not only in terms of your case, but what is happening in terms of the funds you are paying.

No surprises.

Our clients give us great feedback as a result of us doing things this way. They are pleased to have no surprises with large accounts. They know they are getting the service they need. As always, we have available a breakdown of our time spent and disbursements incurred for any account that we have provided to our clients.

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Phone us now at 250-220-8686 or use our contact us form.

Your initial half-hour consultation with one of our lawyers is of no obligation.

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